New Year Reading Resolutions 2017

New Year Reading Resolutions

I’m going to add a new reading resolution to the suggested list I wrote for Inside Kent Magazine in 2015 . This year, I want to encourage us all to ensure that our children see adults reading books – for pleasure as well as for purpose.

Children rarely see adults reading books any more.  It’s sad but true. Why would a child aspire to read a book or write a story or letter if they don’t see it happening around them?

Evidence shows that children who read for pleasure are more likely to be successful academically. So, this year I’m determined that my boys will see more of me, our family and our friends reading and writing – for information and for enjoyment!

If you have time, perhaps you or someone you know could offer to visit a local school to talk to children about what you like to read and why it is important in your daily life. Evidence from the National Literacy Trust shows that influential male role models are particularly important to boys’ reading.

Happy Reading!

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