Starting school – Your child’s name

Helping your child to recognise their name will make starting school that bit easier

Try this simple exercise to build confidence

Many things will be new to your child when they start school or pre-school. There one simple thing you can do to make their start a bit easier: help your child recognise their name written down. They don’t have to be able to read the letters in their name, or sound it out. They just need to be able to recognise their name, so they can find their peg and their tray.

Help your child to recognise their name above their coat peg

Help your child to recognise their name above their peg

Knowing how to recognise your name (note I’m not saying ‘read your name’) is so helpful when you start school.

Make several name plates for your child. Write your child’s name nice and big in black pen on a card. Read it with your child. Help them recognise the letters. Talk about what the letters look like. Explain that their name is special; it is made up of these specific letters in this specific order. Make up stories about the order of the letters so your child can recognise their name.

Your child will spend much time in the first term in Reception learning to write their name. Give them the confidence on the first day to find their peg and hang up their coat!

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